How to Make Your Interior Painting Results Last

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Interior painting is not a project you want to do very often, either as a DIY endeavor or hiring a professional. It stands to reason that you would want to take steps before, during, and after to make the results last as long as possible. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid repainting in the near future for any reason other than making a décor change.

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  • Expect Dings- Things happen beyond your control, leaving you with a problem that you cannot simply wash away. If you want to avoid needing to paint an entire room because of a small concern, be sure to keep some of the original paint handy. Keep in mind that paint can fade over time and you might not have an exact match, but with a bit of effort it will be less noticeable than the blemish you began with. If you are hiring an interior painting professional, be sure to ask them to leave you with a bit of backup paint for touch-ups.
  • Keep Furniture Away from Walls- Chairs and other frequently moved furniture can easily damage your walls if they are up against it. If you cannot keep them a safe distance away, consider placing felt pads where the furniture would meet the wall to act as a buffer.
  • Use Quality Paint- Budget paint may save you money upfront, but if it isn’t durable and washable, you’ll be back to square one before you know it. Buying a low-quality paint twice and going through the repainting process is definitely more costly than using a high-quality paint to begin with. Don’t hesitate to ask your interior painting professional what paint they’ll be using. If you go with an experienced, reputable company, it is highly likely they’ll be using the best possible paint.

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