Need a Painter? Let Us Provide Your Professional Painting Services

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Did you know that not all painting companies are insured? Here at Pride Painting, Inc., we will spare no effort to make sure that you get the professional painting services you are looking for when you need a professional, insured painter. We will provide you with bids directly from the owners instead of a salesman, daily inspections on employees’ work by the owners, and a three-year written guarantee on our work.

 service you need when you need a painter

We not only stain decks and do commercial work, but also provide that same professionalism and quality – aimed at 100% customer satisfaction and nothing short of a result that impresses – when you need a painter to do work for your home. We paint exteriors and interiors and are happy to help you transform a wall or a room(s) of your home or just keep up with the trim on the interior or exterior of your home, which needs attention every two to four years depending on the location inside or outside your home.

Let us do the tricky work for you with results that will exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on our combined experience of over 30 years as the owners of our painting company. Our quality painters only work for us, so we can make sure your project gets done on time and turns out exactly the way you want it.

We are open to communication and feedback from you and want to make sure we provide the service you need when you need a painter, as well as minimize the interference of transforming your home while we help you meet this important need.