Important Steps of House Painting [infographic]

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At Pride Painting, Inc., we understand that it can be tempting to handle house painting on your own. DIY projects are rewarding and often save you money. However, the reality is that you may not save nearly as much by painting your house yourself as you might think. That is especially true if you end up being unhappy with how it looks or it begins peeling and cracking, leaving you to hire a professional to fix the problem. Here are some important steps of house painting that we always take to ensure you get lasting, quality results:

  • Thoroughly clean the exterior – Any number of contaminants on the surface of your home’s exterior can interfere with the paint adhering. Even dust can cause a problem.

Important Steps of House Painting [Infographic]

  • Repair any damage – No matter how thick of a coat of paint you put over rotten wood, it won’t make it look right. In addition, you could be sealing in moisture, and the rot will just continue to be a problem.
  • Protect area – You don’t want house paint to get on your landscaping, outdoor furniture, windows, gutters, or anything else, so these areas must be properly covered.
  • Choose paint wisely – It isn’t just a matter of purchasing the highest-quality paint but also of knowing which type of paint is right for the type of exterior your home has. With decades of experience, we know how to choose paint wisely for your house painting project.
  • Watch the weather – It is best to paint in the right temperature range and with no threat of rain during the time it will take for the paint to thoroughly dry.
  • Thorough cleanup – House painting is exhausting, and yet, you still need the energy to clean up after you have finished. With us in charge of the project, you will have the results you need without worrying about cleaning up.